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15 Minute Facebook Event 

Step by Step process for 15 Minute PARTY



1.) Reach out for potential guests

---Hey Jess! I wanted to invite you to my FB Launch Party! It's Thursday March 5th @ 7pm EST. It'll be short and sweet (15 minutes) and I am doing a raffle and giveaways! Not to worry if you can’t be LIVE at that time, you can always catch the replay. Attached is the link to my private FB group. I’d love to have you as a guest! (INSERT LINK)

---Hi (insert name)! I'm having a Facebook party Thursday night at 8:30pm EST (be sure to insert time zone). It will only be about 15 minutes and we'll talk about toxin free healthy living. There will be product raffles and I think you'll love it! here's the link so you can join!


---[YES] Awesome! My friend (Consultant name) will be sharing tips and resources on healthy living inside and out with Arbonne, along with other immunity boosting tips. I'll add you to the group and here's the link so you can join!


Tip: Reach out to invite guests individually through Facebook Messenger & personal text. NO MASS INVITING!



Tip: To share the group link from your phone:  Send the link to join individually - do NOT mass send the link!

Tip: to invite directly from messenger:




2.) Ask to Host

Reach out to current customers or friends and ask them if they’d be willing to host a (Healthy Happy Hour, Healthy Living Inside & Out, Mind, Body, Skin Event , etc.) party for you.



  • Hi (insert name)! If you could earn free product, would you be open to hosting an online Facebook party? Mine are short and sweet (15 minutes) and I'll be doing a product raffle and giveaways. I'll keep the party open for 48 hours. It's a lot of fun so let me know!

  • · Hi (insert name)! With everything going on, what do you think about hosting a virtual event this month on Facebook? We could make it a "Party with a Purpose" and I would donate a portion of the proceeds to the organization of your choice. Our main focus can be educating your guests on boosting immunity and the power of toxin free products. It's short and sweet (15 minutes) and I am doing a raffle and giveaways! I feel like so many people want to hear this information right now.

  • Hi (insert name)! Hope you and your family are healthy and managing this crazy time as well as possible! I wanted to extend this invitation to you and anyone else interested:

    Tomorrow, Monday 3/30 at 8pm est I am hosting a private FB event where I will go live for 15-20 mins. My intention is to provide tips on health, inside and out, with a special focus on immunity and to share resources, one in particular being the Arbonne brand which I trust. I will have additional resources to give so you can navigate healthy living on your own as well.

    I'll be doing a raffle to make it fun (b/c immune health is a little heavy right now!). If you can't make the LIVE at that time, you can always catch the replay. The group will be active for 48 hours only. Let me know if you're interested and I'll add you to the private group (or click the link below). If not, no worries. Take care and be well!

  • Hi (insert name)! I hope you and your family are doing well. I know how much our products have changed your health, and I feel like so many people need to hear the power of pure, safe and beneficial products, especially right now. Would you be open to hosting a 15 minute, informative virtual Facebook event that would remain open for 48 hours with a focus on gut health and immunity?


When they say "yes" to being a HOST:

Great! I'm booking Monday and Wednesday (choose two days/times that work for you) evenings in (March), so let me know which day and time work best for you. I will set the group up and you can invite your friends and family. The group will stay open for 48 hours, and I will do a 15 minute live presentation with product giveaways for your guests. It's going to be a lot of fun, and of course I will gift you generously for hosting!  See Below...









1.) Watch this video to learn how to set up the Facebook group, edit settings and schedule the posts:

How to set up a FB GROUP and do the Scheduled Posts:

2.) Group Descrition:

"Come learn how you can flourish with Arbonne. At Arbonne we teach you a holistic, toxin-free approach to health and well-being from the inside out, focusing on the mind/body/skin connection. We will teach you more about how you can look and feel your best in 2020! Glowing skin, increased energy, better sleep, better digestive health, and so much more, including product raffles!"


NOTE: Copy and paste this description and post as a comment within the group. Once it's posted, click the 3 dots on the top right of the post and mark this as an announcement.

NOTE: Make sure notifications are turned on to all when you set up your group as it will not be that way when you set it up.

Here is the image for the group Image banner at the top








POST#1: 1 to 2 DAYS BEFORE EVENT- Welcome guests to the Group

Choose one of the blank images below and use an app (WordSwag) to add the event details on the flyer for the Welcome Post:













Use this verbiage for the body of your Welcome Post:


"Hello everyone! We're going to go live Wednesday night at 8:30pm EST in this group! We hope you can hop on live with us! It won't be long - maybe 12 -15 minutes, and we'll be doing some product raffles! Also, be sure to turn your notifications "on" for this group so you don't miss out on the raffle! You can do this by going to the "Group" icon on the bottom of your phone, select this group and tap the 3 dots on the top right of your screen. Tap the Notification Setting bell icon and choose "All Posts." Looking forward to seeing you all then!"


POST #2: DAY BEFORE EVENT - Schedule a Poll 


Drop a GIF below to describe how you feel about your_____ (host, health goals, diet, eating habits, skin care routine, makeup skills, etc...) Let's see it!!!








New Consultant: New consultant will go LIVE for 2-5 minutes and share why they've partnered with Arbonne and their product testimony (if they have one). Close the live by telling everyone how excited you are to see them on the live tonight at __pm EST (insert time zone)!



Host: If your host has his/her own testimonial with the products, have them do a separate post (live or written). Your host's testimony will carry a lot of weight with their guests. In your host's tesimony, they can also say how excited they are to see everyone on the live tonight at ___pm EST (insert time zone).


POST #6: 30 MINUTES BEFORE EVENT - "It's almost party time"


Post this with one of the images below.


Hi everyone! We'll be going live in 30 minutes, at 8:30pm EST right here in our Facebook party group! I hope you can pop on! It won’t be very long - maybe 12 -15 minutes, and we'll be doing some product raffles also!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!



GO LIVE : Presentation - 12 to 15 minutes


GOAL: Schedule more presentations & Get INTO CONVERSATIONS with each guest!


1. Welcome

2. Introductions

who you are, how you know the host & edify her/him

how do you know "host name" comment below

3. Explain presentation flow

"In this video we want to highlight our favorite tips, hacks and go-to's for healthy living in a past paced and convenience driven world. We will highlight a few of our top sellers and personal favorites.

Tell you a little about who Arbonne is.

And then ater we will do a giveaway and raffle" 

4. The Company & Testimony

• Company Description/Benefits:

• B Corp: Lengthy certification process.

  balance purpose with profit. Not just the best in the world, but for the world

  zero waste by 2030, 100% Non GMO, 100%, Fair Trade, Major Sustainability

• Legacy company: 40 years old. out of over 60k NM companies, most dont last 10 years

• Why of founder: Petter wanted a place where people could flourish

• Our Mission: Empower people to thrive with sustainable healthy living & a passionate community.

  • Company philosophy: we have trade marked MIND-BODY-SKIN, healthy living inside out, starting with the GUT (inflammation, seratonin and immune system)

  • Transition into products
    • Personal Testimony- business & products, Complete transformation with my health, skin, and finances. I’ve redirected all my spending to my own store and I am healthier than ever at age 41!



6. The Products: Top 3 selling product lines

  •  FEEL Well Product Bundles: 30 DHL: weight loss, lose inches, better sleep, more energy, eliminate bloat, better digestion, clearer skin, less anxiety-30DHL is a great whole body reset!

  • Full 30 day program presentation DR Tanda Cook : put in the comments “LINK” and I will send you more information about this program.

  • Not feeling like a 30 day commitment is possible-a great place to start: start with breakfast club which includes protein shake (meal replacement & green drink-(37 fruits and vegetables, pre and probiotics, and energy fizz supplement)! This alone would be a game changer and adding so much health to the day!

  • BREAKFAST CLUB DG+, protein, tea, fizz

  • THINK WELL MOM BRAIN or any brain needing more focus or memory help-MIND HEALTH and FIZZ COMBO “best part of waking up” PLUS digestion plus for seratonin support

  • AGE WELL Skincare: RE9 Advanced with genius pads plus skin elixir (vegan collagen builder) is the of skincare. Anti Aging Hack-thicker the skin the less you see aging signs! Ingredients in RE9 do just that, hydrate and keep skin plump

  • AGE WELL "Lite" Super calm skin care for sensitive skin

  • PERFORM WELL PYTOSPORT LINE this is your must have for Vegan and safe pre and post workout boost, plus the hydration to replae thise sugary chemical laden store bought sport drinks

  • GLOW WELL Ready in 5 Makeup:, ready to go in 5 minutes or less. 5 simple steps. cc cream, mascara, eye brow gel, blush, lip gloss! Add the Glow Palette and

  • RELAX WELL/SLEEP WELL 3 of MY FAV’s/Cant live without: Harmony Blend, Detox Oil, Sleep Spray


6. Closing (this party will stay open for 48 hours!)


• Give-away: If Launching New IC say “I’m in”! If its host event, ”If you would like to enter my giveaway just request to join my VIP page just click the FB GROUP link in comments and request join and you’ll be entered into raffle. Box of Fizz, Eye Gel Masks, Self Tanner

• Giveaway, gift with purchase - Say "Message me if you are ready to purchase and I will give you a free gift with your purchase if the purchase is made in the next 48 hours."


• Social sharing method - Say " And to close guys, we build our business through social sharing methods that are fun, easy, and educational, just like what I did here tonight. If you want more info about hosting your own fun FB event and getting some free and reduced price products, or perhaps building your own stream of income, say MORE INFO below. Arbonne is growing rapidly, 25% year over year, my business just had our biggest month ever with 1.5 million in sales in March, so if anything I said intrigued you, and you enjoyed learning about this brand, we would love to show you how simple it is to have an online business. Thank you again for watching and have an amazing night"

Here is an example of a 15 minute Live video

 POST #7: AFTER THE PARTY - Raffle Drawing & Winner 

Consultant should POST A REMINDER right before the raffle drawing that the raffle is closing soon, and then the hostess can TAG anyone who didn't yet watch the live under the video.


Choose an image and post with this Verbiage:

Congratulations to ________ for winning the raffle! Message me with your address, and thank you to everyone that participated!

TIP: Raffle prizes could be individual products or a bundle. Use the app wheelofnames to draw raffle winner.


Raffle Winners Image


Tips for Following Up 

SKIN - If they want info on skincare, ask some questions: I’d love to help you. Tell me a little about your skin…what do you currently use and what do you want to improve?

NUTRITION – Again, ask questions: I’d love to help you. I’m curious, what is your biggest challenge with nutrition right now? Or, what are your health goals? Have a dialogue and go to the #arbonne30 tab on our team training website and if they’d like more info, send the verbiage under the #arbonne30 Details tab. You can also send a testimonial from someone with a similar issue.

I’M IN! – This is for the raffle. In messenger, say “Thank you for participating and good luck! I’m curious, after watching, what resonated the most with you?”

MORE INFO – This is for hosting. In messenger, say “Great! Let’s find a time to chat for a few minutes!”

Important Tips for a Successful Event 



1) As people order throughout the event, thank them for their order using the following verbiage:


Hi ___! Thank you for your order of the ____! You are going to love it! Plus, I'm throwing in a ____ (full sized product - choose something you have on hand).


Post a "thank you" GIF along with a picture of their free product.



Send a friend request to each person before the live takes place or friend request people when the event is over.








Thank you Image

After the Event 

When sharing product information, use Private Messenger as much as possible.


Use the digital catalog if they want to see what we offer. If you do share your website, don't forget to attach the Event ID for your host to get credit!

Digital Catalog


If possible, get their information and place their first order for them!

client info needed:



Phone number


Shipping address

Credit card number with EXP & CVV (billing address if different than shipping)



If you post anything, post images and information without prices...

Redirect Spending Smore



Follow up conversations:

Have you had a chance to watch the FB Live?

Did anything resonate with you? If you could wave a magic wand, what is the one thing you would change about your health?


Click HERE for Doc to Print

Guest Tracker

Click HERE for Doc to Print

Samples of Bundles You can Offer! 












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