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Welcome to PURE30! 
Online Nutrition coaching For Optimal Gut Health

WHO WE ARE We are a team of awesome coaches, and the head coaches come from several different backgrounds: ​ Amy Fitness and weight loss professional since 2000, retired fitness competitor (Miss Fitness Califonia), and now a full time online fitness business coach. I've been where you are, and felt like you have felt. I struggled to let go of the need to be in competition shape after having kids. That's when I found this program.  Trust me when I tell you, YOU can do this because it's so simple! Seth Husband to Amy, Personal Trainer since  2001 (my first job was at 24Hour Fitness in southern California). Later during the time I owned my own fitness club for 6 years, I've helped thousands of people transform their bodies.  Now full time PURE30 coach, Accountability leader and Mobile app creator. ​ Ryan I have my Master's Degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Rehabilitation Sciences. After playing tennis and being ranked nationally as an amateur, I started a certified tennis coach, strength & conditioning coach, sports nutritionist. Since then, I have studied and grown into a mindset and motivational professional, pouring into YOU and the rest of our new coaches. ​ Alison In my past life as a corporate team leader, I knew my real passion of fitness and health would eventually guide me here.  Now Mom of two, wife to Ryan, and team leader for many of the PURE30 coaches, I now get the privilege of walking clients into a healthy lifestyle and leading new coaches in their leadership. ​ Stefania I loved my job as an RN but after 10 years I wanted to be home and present with my kids and Husband. The amount of information I learned from being in pediatrics and post-op led me to my love for helping people get healthy.  The reward for my work now as a health coach is seeing people change their lifestyle to help prevent them from getting sick. This is now my love and passion!

WHAT'S PURE30? We are your way out of the dieting game. We took the most difficult parts of eating healthy and made them simple. ​​ Example: "i just don't have time to make healthy food."  Solution: We have meals that take 10 minutes to prepare. That's how long it takes you to order in line at a fast food place.

HOW DOES IT WORK? We have 30 day coaching groups starting on every first and third monday of every month. Once youve purchased, you'll be added to our private mobile app which guides you with simple daily steps to follow. Over the course of 30 days you'll work toward re-balancing your Gut, the most important part of you body for weight loss and lifestyle diseases.

WHAT KIND OF RESULTS CAN I GET? Most people lose weight, and depending on how much you need to lose it varies. We have recently seen 8 pounds and even up to 26 pounds in 30 days! But we also have seen migranes subside, acne clear up, and autoimmune disorders reverse.   NOTE: No result is "typical", and results are not guaranteed. All results depend on eating healthy and exercise, and of course committment.

DO I HAVE TO COUNT MACROS? Most of our clients prefer not to obsess about how much food theyre eating six times per day. We feel that life has enough stressors and food should not be one. Thats why we dont cut or count carbs, calories or macros. We focus on MICROS. Simply put, the more micronutrients you can consume, the healthier you'll be. And all you need to do is follow our simple steps and fast recipes.

DO I NEED TO TAKE PILLS OR PATCHES? It's sad that we even have to answer this but NO! We use some products to help fill the nutritional gaps, but we don't have any "weight loss" pills or potions.

WHAT IF I'M NOT SATISFIED? Sometimes life happens. In the rare case that you feel like you didn't get what you wanted out of the program, you can get a FULL REFUND with no questions asked. We take what we do seriously, and we're THAT confident in your results.

CAN I TALK TO SOMEONE FIRST? Absolutely. Fill out the form below and we'll reach out soon!

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