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Hey! We're Amy & Seth
Head Coaches at PURE30

We started as personal trainers in 2001 and since then have:

  • Done multiple fitness competitions

  • (Amy) won Miss Fitness California

  • Owned our own Fitness Club

  • Transformed a thousand bodies

  • Started our online nutrition and fitness Coaching in 2012

  • Lead a team of amazing people known as PURE30 coaches 

We have taken the complicated and overwhelming subject of weight loss and gut health and created courses and tools to make it paint-by-number easy.

How can we make YOUR fitness transformation feel like it's on cruise control? That's what we've worked on for 10 years that we now call PURE30. It's an online coaching app with several courses to help people like you with things like gut issues, digestive distress, autoimmune disorders, weight loss, fat loss, and so much more.

We're always happy to chat about YOU. No need for payment. If you ever choose to work with us we can give you all the details, but for now, let's give you some simple action steps to get your health in order without sacrificing lots of time or energy!

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