We are beyond excited for you to start your 30 Day Healthy Living Program!

Your goals are most important, so please let your consultant know what your goals are if you haven't already.

Check to make you were added to the private Facebook group, and if you haven't please reach out to your consultant.

1. Read all the info on the Facebook group and stay plugged in. You'll be amazed just how much you will actually learn from other participants (ie. where to find certain approved products, ideas on modifying a recipe, etc.)

2. BE PREPARED- Get your food list and head to the store.  Get enough healthy snacks to have on hand in case you get hungry. We aren't cutting calories, so you don't want to be starving. You also don't want to be stuck somewhere hungry and have nothing healthy to eat!

3. Call/text/message your consultant if you don’t understand something or you don’t like something, or you have any questions! We are here for YOU. Your success is our success:)

A few additional things

- PRINT or save the GUIDE -  
- Also, you can always look at the file section on the private Facebook group for ALL the documents posted if you miss anything
-The meal plans always get posted on Fridays, but you can download them in the files section in the group page.

- Check out the Snack list and keep those items close by. 

It's easiest to follow the recipes and grocery guide but keep in mind that if it's on the APPROVED list you can eat it.
Simple grilling clean meat (or not), making some veggies, brown rice and avocado for example is a GREAT meal.

SMOOTHIES -THESE ARE MEALS! Watch the video below for a demo!
It's key to get plenty of calories in them, and they need to have:

- low glycemic fruit like strawberries (frozen make the best smoothies)

- fresh baby greens like spinach

- healthy fat like almond or cashew butter

- protein powder

- Digestion Plus in one of them 

You can also add in chia, flax, maca, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, etc.

You will also find your rhythm...some like shakes thick - some not so much, etc. It may take a few times to figure it out.

-If you like the flavor of coffee there is a GREAT product called Dandy Blend ( at Lassen’s or a health food store). It's a Dandelion instant tea that is approved and tastes like coffee and makes delicious mochas!

-DRINK YOUR WATER - 1/2 your weight in ounces of water, so if you're 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces.

- please weigh yourself and measure around your belly button & 2" below
- report your weight and measurements each week on Monday (or at least the “difference”). It’s one way we can track 

- take a before pic because you’ll never know how your story and journey could help someone else change their habits!


Remember your story matters! Feel free to post your journey on Facebook, share with others, etc. So many people are looking for something like this to get on track.