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75 Easy – the checklist

to make consistency simple. 

  1. Consistency Made Simple: Achieving health goals requires consistency. This challenge puts the basics back into your daily routine.

  2. Free to join the basic community and daily checklist.

  3. Upgrade for better and easier experience. A product purchase to help complete 2 of the 5 daily steps unlocks all meal plans with easy recipes that are free of gluten, dairy, refined sugar, seed oils and any artificial ingredients. PLUS get the guidance of an accountability coach, for best results.

How to Join:

  1. Sign Up for Free: Click the "Join" button to become a part of our chat community. 

  2. Upgrade for Premium Access: Upgrade your experience with a product purchase and gain exclusive access to tools that support your journey towards a healthier and more consistent you. Click the "Join" and select the appropriate options.



For the Challenge, all you need to do check off your tasks daily. 


For the upgraded members, you'll get access to a course where you'll have a daily checklist. You'll get a simple mealplan with quick 10 minute recipes for lunch and dinners, an easy weekday weights workout, protein for daily smoothie, and daily GreenSynergy (our superfoods blend with 31 fruits & veggies, probiotic, and collagen support)

For only $7/day day you get:

✔️1 daily serving of vegan protein for breakfast smoothies

✔️1 daily Servings of GreenSynergy for daily greens & gut de-bloat

✔️75 Day e-course with daily motivation, check-ins, meal plans, workouts, community

NOTE on our guarantee:  

you CAN return any products for a full refund if you're not satisfied.

No questions asked.

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