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10 Minute De-Bloat Recipes

Stop standing in front of the fridge trying to figure out what to make...

Grab this simple starter tool, the "10 Minute De-Bloat Recipes" guide, and press the easy button on starting a clean eating routine.

Inside You’ll discover...
• 15 delicious meals like tacos & stir fry, all without gluten, dairy, refined sugar, seed oil, or artificial ingredients

• how to combine healthy pre-cooked/quick-cook ingredients to make super healthy meals in 10 minutes 

• The alternative to fast food for the days when life gets busy and it's easy to give in to temptations

• 60 second quick-clip videos for making the dinners


When you fill out the form, we'll send you the PDF in your confirmation email. We'll occasionally send other free downloads, plus tips and training to help you make eating simple again. Of course you can unsubscribe at anytime.

No-Bloat Recipes Image
No-Bloat Recipes Image
No-Bloat Recipes Image

Start simple with these:


We started as personal trainers in 2001 and since then have:

  • Done multiple fitness competitions

  • (Amy) won Miss Fitness California

  • Owned our own Fitness Club

  • Transformed a thousand bodies

We have taken the complicated and overwhelming subject of what to eat for gut health and created tools like this recipe guide to make it paint-by-number easy.

We even recorded 60 sec quick-clip videos of how to make the dinners for no-reading convenience. We've always had a hard time reading the recipe over and over to make sure we're doing it right, but these ones you can't do it wrong.

With these simple 10 minute recipes, you'll have a whole five days-worth of go-to meals to make for you and your family. YES, kids love these too!

These are recipes WE make all the time, and and our kids love them.

Want to chat with us? We love helping you figure out a routine that's realistic and makes sense for your crazy schedule. We give you some simple action steps to get your health in order without sacrificing lots of time or energy!

Hey! We're Amy & Seth

Amy & Seth
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