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GETTING STARTED for new consultants

STEPS 1-5:


1. Make your starting purchase to open your store:

Get Healthy Living Inside & Out Package

2. Who is in your network?:

Work on your 100 Person Name List

3. Set your goal and track it:

40+ Conversations

4. Craft your story that tells your prospects about your business:

Creating Your Story

5. Sample text to reach out to prospects:

Reach Out & Go Social


Daily Checklist for consultants activity:

Daily Method for Success

Launch your business:

Book 2 "Kick Off" Events

Build your Belief:

Listen to "Belief Attitude Commitment Call"

Read 2 EOA's daily

Write out your 21 reasons why

Start looking for your future team:

Find 10 & Teach 3

How to promote to the next Level:

Goals & Promote

Click here to PRINT out your Getting Started Guide. This Binder is EVERYTHING you will be learning over the next 30-60-90 days as you are Getting Started.  Remember this is a Learn as you earn business.  Attach yourself to your sponsor, be 100% coachable, create massive momentum & have fun building your dream team.  We are so excited to have you on our team.


Zoom - You will use for Team Meetings, Coaching Calls and Chatting with

Voxer - set up group chats with your team, upline, and sidelines

Soundcloud - Trainings on the Go - Immediately follow the below.

Arbonne On Demand -

Go for Gold Weekly Recordings:

Book 2 Kick Off Events

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