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Welcome to the 🅰️-club!

We help busy people who have tried all the magic weight-loss solutions to finally have a place to get real help.

🙌We're a team of health coaches and the head coaches are Seth & Amy, 20+ year professional fitness trainers/gym owners.

They share tons of free valuable info right here in the group on anything from how to end belly bloating to training for a fitness competition (Amy was miss fitness California 20 yrs ago).

Free in the group:

  • Livestream events every other Monday night

  • Fitness and health challenges every other week

👉👉👉What you want to do next is watch your notifications for the next upcoming event or challenge. Every week we have something to plug in to.

✔️When you're ready to work with us and our team, please message one of us for more info on our simple and do-able wellness and weight-loss courses!


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  • July 22, 2022


  • Seth Perry

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