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Sample Day:

3 minute Breakfast - Chocolate covered strawberry smoothie recipe A complete meal that you can eat on the go.

2 Snacks that satisfy - Eating these between meals helps curb sugar cravings.

15 minute healthy dinner that's paint-by-number easy. Steak fajitas with rice and avocado anyone?

Plus, you'll learn:

The 3 most important things to do before anything else (you'll need these for motivation)

The pro's and con's of the 3 most popular diets (and which ones are better for women)

Which supplements you NEED to be using (and which ones aren't worth the money)

How you can get results with 15 minute workouts (and how to lose inches even if you don't have time to workout)

A boost in gut health can help you lose inflammation and reduce belly bloat, boost serotonin for better mood, and strengthen your immune system to fight off bugs. And of course, lose weight and feel confident in 30 days!

Get a CHEAT SHEET of our

30 Day CleanTox Challenge FREE

Plus, get our free weight loss starter guide!


Husband to Amy, Dad to girls, 9 wing 6 Enneagram, retired gym owner and Personal Trainer after 20 years in the biz. I've helped thousands of people transform their bodies and for 6 years I owned a fitness club in Southern California, where most of my clients were Moms.

In addition to transforming lots of Mom's health, I've have had opportunities to speak in front of tens of thousands of people - something I would never have thought I would do!

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Wife to Seth, Mom, retired Trainer, retired fitness competitor, and now I'm an online business coach. I've been where you are, and felt like you have felt. I also struggled to let go of the need to be in competition shape after having kids. Then I found the program I now teach. When you finally find the answer, you tell the world about it and that's what I love to do! Start by downloading the free sample day above. If you're ready to jump in and let us help you, fill in the form below and we will contact you to see if you're a fit!


REACH OUT! If you know you need help from professionals, drop your info here. We will connect with you and see if you are a fit for our programs.

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